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Notary Public Services in San Francisco, CA

Convenient On-Site Notary Public Monday-Friday (9:30am-5pm) Saturday (call for availability)

Finding a Notary Public in San Francisco, CA whenever you need one has been a challenge—until now. Our on-site Notary professionals will handle your sensitive documents quickly, accurately and according to legal requirements, so you’ll be secure knowing that “all the T’s were crossed and I’s dotted.”

No appointment is necessary as we're proud to have quite a few bonded and insured notaries on staff. All of us are members in good standing of the National Notary Association! The fee is $15 per signature being notarized (Jurat or Acknowledgement). There is parking in the center's large lot and our store is wheelchair accessible.

What you should bring:

  • The complete document to be notarized (all pages). It is best if you wait to sign in front of us in some cases, but you can complete everything else. (Incomplete documents can't be notarized.)
  • Identification (often an unexpired driver's license or passport). If you have some other identification, e-mail us or give us a call.
  • If the document doesn't already have notarial wording, the notary will ask you what type of notarization you need. The notary can show you the different types, but by law cannot pick for you or even offer advice. So if your document doesn't specify what kind of notarization you need, you might consider asking the agency requesting the notarization what type is necessary (e.g., it might be what is called an "acknowledgement" or it might need a "jurat").

Documents going outside the US

Some documents that will be used outside of the United States may require an "Apostille or Certification". That is obtained from the California Secretary of State. If your document is being used outside of the United States, it is worthwhile to ask the people who will be processing the document if this is necessary.

I-9 forms

All US employers must complete and save a Form I-9 (Employment Eligability Verification) for each employee they hire. They have to be completed within three business days of starting work, so time is often short. Usually this is done by the owner or human resources department of the hiring company. But sometimes if the employee is in a different city, the company will want to designate an authorized agent, such as a notary, to complete the document. This causes confusion because people wrongly assume that the notary should do a notarization on that document. That is not the case in any state, but in California there is an explicit direction from the Secretary of State (as of August 2014) that bars Notaries who are not bonded immigration consultants from completing the certification on an I-9. Jensen's has non-notary employees who can serve as the hiring company's agent to complete the I-9. Please have the hiring company complete this form and fax it back to us at 415-282-2102 and then call us to check when they'll be working next.

Come See Us When You Need Notary Service For:

  • Contracts
  • Legal Documents
  • Real Estate Documents
  • School Permission Slips
  • Medical Release Forms
  • Car Title Transfers
  • Power of Attorney
  • Child ID Kits

Have A Question About Our Notary Service?

Call 415-282-2100 if you have any questions or wish to speak to one of our on staff Notary Publics. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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